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RedRock Odyssey

The Ultimate Red Rock Climbing Book

by Larry DeAngelo and Bill Thiry

Red Rock in the Old Days:

"It was May ’78 or ’79. . . The sky was cloudless and blue, blue, blue. Las Vegas was still keeping its distance. We weren’t in a park, we were in the mountains, and nobody else knew or cared where we were."

— From the foreword, by Red Rock pioneer Joe Herbst

From the earliest days, Red Rock climbing was about much more than jam cracks and varnished faces.  The pioneers pursued their craft with boldness, imagination, and a sense of adventure.  Present day climbers can enjoy a greatly enhanced climbing experience by getting in touch with their roots, and this book can help them to do just that.  In Red Rock Odyssey we see detailed examinations of twelve classic routes from the 1970's.  In each chapter we find the historical background and meet the people who were part of the first ascent.  Though there is detailed route information, this is not a guidebook.  The goal is complete immersion in the climbing experience: history, photographs, and real life accounts.

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Triassic Sands

150 Photographs!

The chapters are overflowing with photographs illustrating the climbs, the personalities and history, the key pitches, and the approaches and descents. Click the example at left for an example from the Triassic Sands chapter.

Look who else likes this book:

It's not just Doug Robinson, of Moving Over Stone, who has good things to say about this book. Here are some other comments.

“This unique and beautiful book turns our attention to the early days of Red Rock. The climbers, the climbs, the setting, and the times are woven into a beautiful tapestry that truly captures the heart and soul of what climbing can be.”

— Laura Sanders, President
Sky’s the Limit, The Company of Guides
Red Rock, Nevada

“Climbing at the Red Rocks is always exciting, never so much as when the place was totally undeveloped. Read this book— which chronicles those years— and next time you’re in the area, those great sandstone walls will come alive with tales of early explorers and great adventures.”

— John Long

“Like an archeological dig, Larry's story-telling unearths some wonderful treasures of early Red Rock climbing history.”

— Joanne Urioste, author of the original Red Rock guidebook

“Red Rock has long awaited a book like this that captures the history, beauty and adventure of the climbing. Larry DeAngelo inspires us through his photos and stories while providing excellent photo-diagrams that clearly mark the routes. This is a must-have book for the first-time visitor and experienced desert rat alike.”

— Chris McNamara, publisher of SuperTopo guidebooks

Order Now!
RED ROCK ODYSSEY by DeAngelo and Thiry $24.95
International Orders (includes $27.50 shipping)
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