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The Ultimate Red Rock Climbing Book

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Don't miss this book. In Red Rock Odyssey, the authors take us on a magical journey through the history, and up the routes from the golden age of Red Rock climbing.  Filled with excellent photographs, history, descriptions, and first person accounts, the spirit of the great Red Rock traditional routes lights up every page.  Both newcomer and veteran will find new appreciation for the pioneers, the routes, and the experiences to be found on the rocks.

Doug Robinson, the eminent mountain guide, author, and president of Moving Over Stone had this to say about Red Rock Odyssey:

"Bravo!  Nice writing. And damn -- this book has forever altered my perception of a place I am now wanting to get to know better. Red Rock Odyssey is not just the rich history of a great climbing area. And it's not just selected climbs either. In this book we get both. It is said that great art demands great audiences. Here you go: your move."

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RED ROCK ODYSSEY by DeAngelo and Thiry $24.95
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The Red Rocks of Southern Nevada

The Original Red Rock Guidebook

This is the original Red Rock climbers' guide by Joanne Urioste.  When it was first published in 1984, it had a bright red cover and therefore came to be known as the "Red Book." You will still hear old-timers referring to it by that name. The current edition has a white cover, but contains the complete text and illustrations from the original. It has over 250 pages of classic routes. Many of the climbs are interesting traditional routes not described in other guidebooks. With its wealth of information and historical significance, this is a "must-own" book for every serious Red Rock climber.

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RED ROCKS OF SOUTHERN NEVADA by Joanne Urioste $21.95
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Cover-2003 Supplement

Red Rock Supplement: Big New Routes

Joanne Urioste's new 2003 Supplement contains the biggest new routes at Red Rock. Counting variations, there are more that 200 pitches of climbing described in this book. Among the new routes recorded here are the adventurous Blue Diamond Ridge and Bird Hunter Buttress, the spectacular Dogma, Mountain Beast, and The Woman of Mountain Dreams. Most of these are new routes that have not been previously published. A few of the routes have appeared in other books, but the Supplement provides expanded or corrected details regarding the route and/or anchors. If you're interested in big routes and high adventure, this book is a necessary addition to your Red Rock library. The book has 56 pages of routes descriptions, maps, and photographs.

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